Acorn TV June 2020 Slate

Acorn TV June 2020 Slate Features Exclusive U.S. Premieres of BBC Welsh Crime Thriller HIDDEN, Series 2; Danish Mystery Drama THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS, Reboot of 1990s Aussie Family Drama SEACHANGE: PARADISE RECLAIMED and Final 3 Episodes of Acclaimed Irish Period Drama DEAD STILL


Spine-tingling mysteries, thought-provoking dramedies, and escapist travelogues around England are always the order of the day at Acorn TV – North America’s top streamer devoted to British and international television. June has fascinating exclusive premieres in store, including HIDDEN, Series 2 – the follow-up to the acclaimed 2018 BBC Welsh psychological crime drama (June 15) (TRAILER), new Danish mystery series THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS (TRAILER) (June 29) and the final three episodes of the Acorn TV Original series DEAD STILL, an intriguing darkly comic UK murder mystery set in Victorian Ireland starring Luther’s Michael Smiley (June 15 finale) (TRAILER). Finally, we have SEACHANGE: PARADISE RECLAIMED, a reboot of the popular 1990s Australian drama starring Sigrid Thornton (The Man from Snowy River), Kerry Armstrong (Lantana) and John Howard (Mad Max: Fury Road) (June 1).

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In addition, Acorn TV adds the following in June:

-McLEOD’S DAUGHTERS, the long-running Australian family drama about five women running a cattle station, starring Aaron Jeffery (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Rachael Carpani (800 Words) (June 1 – Series 1; June 22 – Series 2)

BOMB GIRLS, Series 1 and 2 w/finale, a World War II drama about women working in a munitions factory starring Meg Tilly (The Big Chill) and Jodi Balfour (For All Mankind) (June 8)

DIGGING FOR BRITAIN, Series 2-4, the documentary series on archaeological excavations around the U.K. (June 8)

COAST & COUNTRY – Railways, the BBC outdoor adventure series on historic railways lines across England, Scotland and Wales, hosted by Julia Bradbury (June 22)

-THE YORKSHIRE VET Series 3, 4 and 5, the long-running renowned documentary series on James Herriot’s original veterinary practice in North Yorkshire, which became the basis of the classic BBC series, All Creatures Great & Small (June 29)

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For those self-quarantining and looking for an escape during this most difficult time, Acorn TV now offers an extended 30-day free trial for new and old subscribers (previously 7-day trial), so they can start to binge programming from an ever-growing slate of world-class mysteries, dramas and comedies from Britain and other countries.  Those interested can sign up at, and type promo code: FREE30

June 2020- Acorn TV Calendar

Monday, June 1, 2020

DEAD STILL (Acorn TV Original Series, Commissioned) – Episode 4

Trailer   Full Screeners

Set in 1880s Ireland during the Victorian era of “postmortem photography,” this six-episode darkly comic murder mystery follows renowned memorial photographer Brock Blennerhasset (Michael Smiley, Luther, Kill List),who makes a living out of taking professional portraits of the recently deceased. Blennerhasset becomes targeted as a possible suspect in a series of murders when tenacious detective Frederick Regan (Aidan O’Hare, JackieDublin Murders) drags him into an investigation of Dublin’s criminal underbelly. Also starring Kerr Logan (Game of Thrones, Alias Grace)and Eileen O’Higgins (Mary Queen of Scots).

Episode 4 description: Camera Obscura

When Nancy’s grandmother dies, Molloy is introduced to Blennerhasset’s difficult family during their memorial photography session. After a meeting with Henry’s eccentric friends, Molloy brings Blennerhasset and Nancy to a séance to capture a photograph of a ghost. (1 EP, 2020)

SEACHANGE: PARADISE RECLAIMED (Exclusive U.S. and Canada Premiere)


This 2019 reboot of the award-winning 1990s Australian drama series about flawed people and unconventional relationships features original cast members Sigrid Thornton (The Man from Snowy River, Paradise), Kerry Armstrong (Lantana, Razzle Dazzle) and John Howard (Mad Max: Fury Road, All Saints), and takes place 20  years after the final season. After the breakup of her marriage and then losing her job, Laura Gibson (Thornton) finds herself questioning her place in the world. But when she returns to the beachside paradise of Pearl Bay, she finds her estranged daughter Miranda (Cassandra Magrath) about to give birth to a baby that Laura knows nothing about. With dodgy land deals now threatening Pearl Bay and stormy weather on the way, Laura will learn that her family and her town need her as much as she needs them. Seasons 1-3 also streaming. (8 EPS, 2019)


Two sisters separated as children are reunited when they inherit a vast cattle property in the Australian bush: fiercely independent and courageous 26-year-old Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell, Gloss) and her long-estranged half-sister, Tess (Bridie Carter, 800 Words, I Love You Too), a city girl hell bent on changing the world. The two pull together an all-female workforce and, with an abundance of heart and humor, commit to an extraordinary life at Drovers Run, a patch of land the size of a small country. On the adjoining property live the men of the Ryan family – thus romance is added to the mix of heartstopping action, laughter and deep emotion. Co-starring Aaron Jeffery (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Sonia Todd (Shine), Rachael Carpani (800 Words, Against The Wall) and Jessica Napier (Ghost Rider). (22 EPS, 2001)

Monday, June 8, 2020

DEAD STILL (Acorn TV Original Series, Commissioned) – Episode 5

Trailer   Full Screeners

Description: Snuff (see above for series blurb with actors)

After yet another dead body turns up, Regan tries to piece together the events of the séance and discovers Blennerhasset and his associates were in attendance. Blennerhasset and Molloy take a job out in the country, but when Molloy realizes the illicit photo album is in their possession, they rush back, worried that they could be suspects in a crime. (1 EP, 2020)

BOMB GIRLS Series 1-2, plus finale


Set during World War II, BOMB GIRLS tells the remarkable stories of women who risked their lives in a munitions factory as they build bombs for the European front.  Liberated from social and cultural restrictions, they embrace their newfound freedom – changing their lives and the world around them — forever. Starring Meg Tilly (The Big Chill, Agnes of God), Jodi Balfour (For All Mankind, Quarry), Charlotte Hegele (When Calls The Heart) and Ali Liebert (Ten Days in the Valley). (Series 1- 6 EPS, 2012; Series 2 – 12 EPS, 2013; Finale – 2014)



In this captivating documentary series, Professor Alice Roberts visits archaeological excavations around the U.K. over a yearlong period, linking together the results of digs and investigations of the country’s history. Among the astonishing – and occasionally disturbing –stories explored:  the thickening mystery of 97 baby skeletons found by the Thames, a Cambridgeshire site called the Pompeii of the Bronze Age provides an unparalleled glimpse of life 3,000 years ago; Marden Henge, where communal sweat lodges and feasting remains illuminate the lost rituals of Stonehenge; Trellech, an enormous lost Welsh city discovered seven centuries after it disappeared from historical record; and Kent’s Cavern, where Britain’s earliest human remains have been found. 

(Series 2 – 4 EPS, 2011; Series 3 – 2 EPS, 2015; Series 4 – 3 EPS, 2016)

Monday, June 15, 2020

HIDDEN, Series 2 (Craith) (Acorn TV Exclusive, Welsh and English languages, with subtitles)


“Hidden practices a restraint so strong (and unusual) that you can almost feel it in your stomach” – The New York Times

“Beautifully scripted and lit and cleverly filmed, this psychological thriller is one to watch” – The Observer

From the creators of Hinterland, this suspenseful BBC Welsh psychological thriller returns for a sequel nine months after the events in series 1. Another brutal and senseless murder leads DCI Cadi John (Siân Reese-Williams, Emmerdale) and DS Owen Vaughan (Siôn Alun Davies, Hinterland) back into the shadows of the slate-strewn mountains of Blaenau Ffestiniog in north Wales to unlock more dark secrets. As with the first series, the complex investigation draws them into the lives of a group of mysterious characters and into a world of lies, revenge, cruelty and neglect.  Along with following the very complicated, thrilling police work, the series delves deeper into the detectives’ personal lives during huge life events: the death of Cadi’s father and the birth of Owen’s daughter. (6 EPS, 2020)

DEAD STILL (Acorn TV Original Series, Commissioned) – Episode 6 – SERIES FINALE

Trailer   Full Screeners

Description: Only Memories Remain (see above for series blurb with actors)

Reeling from a murder, Blennerhasset sends Molloy and Nancy away, but the pair refuses to give up on him. When his life is threatened, Blennerhasset reveals he knows who created the album, but his silence has already put Nancy in danger. (1 EP, 2020)

Monday, June 22, 2020


Host Julia Bradbury (The Magicians, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury) takes viewers on a BBC outdoor adventure to historic railways lines across England, Scotland and Wales. Follow the old tracks and explore the overgrown cuttings and ancient viaducts of Britain’s lost rail empire as we discover how the rise and fall of the railways has altered lives and localities across the UK. Through stunning landscapes and urban backstreets, each contrasting journey has a unique story to tell and offers insight into industrial Britain – from the limestone cliffs, tunnels and soaring viaducts of the Midland Railway to the pioneering tramways and crumbling engine houses of Cornwall. (6 EPS, 2008)


See Series 1 description above (22 EPS, 2002)

Monday, June 29, 2020

THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS, Series 1 (Acorn TV Exclusive, Foreign Language, Danish, with English subtitles)


In the beautiful Danish coastal town of Helsingør, Detective Chief inspector Dan Sommerdahl (Peter Mygind, Flame and Citron) is the undisputed hero at North Sjælland Police. But while he can look back at a remarkable history of solved homicides, things aren’t going as well at home with his wife, Chief Criminal Technician, Marianne Sommerdahl (Laura Drasbæk, Pusher), who feels neglected and distant from her husband. When the body of a young woman washes up on a beach, Dan and his best friend and colleague, Detective Flemming Torp (André Babikian, The Protectors), quickly determine this wasn’t an accident, and they are in hot pursuit to find the murderer and the baby the female victim had just given birth to. At the same time, when Dan finds out that his best friend is in love with his wife and the admiration is mutual on the wife’s end,  these new dynamics put these relationships to the test, under the stress of trying to solve new murders and keep the city safe. (8 EPS, 2020)



Get a glimpse of the true story behind All Creatures Great and Small, the classic BBC TV series by British veterinary surgeon and author Alf Wight, known worldwide as James Herriot. This documentary series profiles the dedicated team of staff at Skeldale Veterinary Centre, Wight’s original practice in Thirsk, North Yorkshire founded in 1940.  With exclusive access to Julian Norton, The Yorkshire Vet, as well as his partner and Alf’s former trainee, Peter Wright and their staff, viewers get to follow the day-to-day comings and goings and meet their clientele – both two-legged and four-legged! This center may have moved from the original premises to a purpose-built facility, but the heart and soul of this historic veterinary practice are very much alive and beating. Series 1 and 2 also streaming. (Series 3- 12 EPS, 2016; Series 4 – 11 EPS, 2017; Series 5 – 8 EPS, 2017)


August: REBECKA MARTINSSON Series 2, New season of the riveting Swedish mystery series. (Season 1 trailer)

*More summer 2020 premiere info available upon request.


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